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New Music: “Distant Cousins” – Distant Cousins


Los Angeles trio have combined two of indie rock’s favorite sounds: an 80’s dance vibe and Americana on their recently released their self-titled album. The band has also been featured in shows such as Graceland and Criminal Minds. Their unique sound is best exemplified on the stand-out track “Everybody Feels It”. ┬áThe melody and structure of the song sounds like it could be a folk-rock song, but it’s given a bit of a glossy make-over on the surface to provide a fun and bouncy vibe.

There are also shades of power-pop to be found throughout Distant Cousins as well. With its clean yet chugging riff and memorable melody, it seems as if Distant Cousins were probably also listening to some Cheap Trick records as well when making this EP.

By combining different sounds into something of their own, Distant Cousins have managed to stand out in an era when everyone seems to be competing for the same space. The tunes found here showcase a finely tuned songwriting that will surely grow.

Check out the video for “Your Story” (Featuring Jessie Payo) below:

For more info on the band, check out their web-site here.