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New Music: “Alpha & Omega” – Vivid Dreams


New York rockers Vivid Dreams have recently released their latest single, “Alpha & Omega”. ┬áThe post-punk inspired track precedes the release of the band’s upcoming EP, Terror in the Rays.

With nods to Shoe-gaze and 90’s Alternative, “Alpha & Omega” is as energetic as it is hazy. Over an energetic rhythm section, the moody guitars and off-kilter vocals give the song a nice contrast. It’s the sonic equivalent of a night winding down but still going strong: the remaining guests still want to party even though everybody knows they should probably go to sleep.

If “Alpha & Omega” is any indication, Terror in the Rays should be an intriguing listen.

Check it out below:

For more info on Vivid Dreams, check out their web-site.