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Song of the Week: “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” – Bob Dylan

With Bringing It All Back Home, Bob Dylan singlehandedly changed the face of popular music. With the addition of electric instruments and a new lyrical language, Dylan was rewriting musical history as fast as he could churn out songs.  Each … Continue reading

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Album of the Week: “Bringing It Back Home” – Bob Dylan

To kick off the “Album of the Week”, I thought I’d start with one of the greatest albums of time, and what is perhaps my favorite record. “Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream” was the song that caught my attention as a … Continue reading

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23: The Age of Rock Genius?

I recently turned 30. Somebody asked me if I felt any different, or expected to have a crisis of age.  I don’t feel any different, yet.  If somebody had asked me the same question when I turned 23, I might … Continue reading

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A Portrait of Bob Dylan as the Artist – Dylan and James Joyce

  Imagine today, if a young rock and roll artist emerged on the scene, writing dozens of songs capturing the zeitgeist. Other popular artists cover his songs, and his lyrics are studied like a pop-culture Bible.  Influential poets and thinkers, … Continue reading

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