“Keep me out of country in the word/Deal the porch is leading us absurd.”

– R.E.M, “Radio Free Europe”

When starting this blog several years ago, I couldn’t think of a name for it. Since this is a music blog, I decided to look to one of my earliest musical obsessions for inspiration: R.E.M.  I can’t remember why exactly I chose Leading Us Absurd, since it doesn’t make much sense within the context of “Radio Free Europe” or for the blog, other than I thought it sounded cool and unique.

Leading Us Absurd exists solely because I love music and like to write about it.  If you like to check out new and interesting artists of various genres, you’ll find plenty of that here.  I also try to include thoughts and musing on established artists I like or find interesting (though I don’t do that as often as I’d like).


– Matt Satterfield

Questions? Concerns? Love letters?  Email me  at: matt [at] leadingusabsurd.com.

Praise for Leading Us Absurd:

“The MuseBox loves sending our press releases to Matt at Leading Us Absurd. He is very thorough with his writing and his research, and helps our artists get great exposure. We’re always so happy with the pieces he creates!” The Musebox

“Was easy to dig into my music with Matt Satterfield. He is able to intruit the genesis of a sound; he guessed some of the more subtle sources of inspiration for my album going into our interview.” – Sonia Kreitzer, Doe Paoro

“Leading Us Absurd is one of those rare blogs that pays homage to the classic as well as the current sonic edge in the music world. Pure knowledge & respect without the pretentiousness. Yep, I said it!” – Kelsey  Warren, pILLOW tHEORY

“It was a pleasure discussing our process and music with Matt Satterfield. He asked thoughtful questions that really addressed the sounds – which isn’t always the case – and is clearly passionate about music and music journalism. I won’t be surprised to see his name on more and more bylines and interview pieces.” – Zachary Meyer, Dust Engineers




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  1. pete satterfield

    i forgot one thing about 1980,or 81. the rolling stones were enjoying a great tour in the u.s.. to promote tattoo you. richards and woods wanted to tour so it was done. and by all accounts it was good. it was the hotest ticket that year and the best grossing tour. not gross like ozzy…no bat heads ..just goats head. rocknroll!

  2. melodic wisdom

    Hey, I just randomly came across your blog. Love it! My brother and I have a music blog too but we feature music videos and live stuff and then talk about how it relates to us or how it inspires both music lovers and musicians. If you get a chance, please check it out! We’re still fairly new and haven’t gotten really out there on the web yet.

    1. Matt Satterfield

      Sam Cooke is one of my all-times favorites. His voice is simply amazing. You ever checked out the live album “From the Harlem Square Club”? He and his band are on fire that night and tear through classics.

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