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Last week, I previewed The Broadcast’s upcoming release Dodge the Arrow.  If you’re a fan of 70s style-rock with some soul mixed in, do yourself a favor and check them out.  Leading Us Absurd recently checked in with the band to get their thoughts behind their music.

Dodge the Arrow sounds pretty accomplished. – but you’ve only been around since 2010.  The musicianship throughout the set is very tight.  Did anyone of you know each other before forming the band?

All of us met by way of the band- Tyler and Caitlin met briefly in 2008 but started making music almost immediately after being introduced. Through living in NYC we scooped up Rich and Michael and after moving down to Asheville we added Aaron and Matt.

Your first EP Days Like Dreams was released as a sort of “feeler” for the live 
community.   What originated that experiment and what was the end result?  Was it positive or negative?

Before we moved down to Asheville Caitlin really wanted to record “Loving You” and “Say Goodbye”. All of our contacts at that point were in NYC so we wanted to make sure we had all our ducks in a row moving down to NC. To be honest, we never really used Days like Dreams – after moving to Asheville and really started to discover our unique sound as a band, we recorded a live album to sell on the road.

Speaking of live shows, that seems to be the band’s bread and butter.  Dodge the Arrow seems to capture that mood.  What goes through your mind during a Broadcast Show?

The Broadcast’s live shows are powerful. That’s always a word that comes to mind. Powerful and authentic both musically and emotionally.

When I first listened to Dodge the Arrow it reminded me a little bit of Big Brother & the Holding Company – great female singer with a kicking band to match.  Do you think that the music world needs more of that style and do you see yourselves as a kind of filling a void?

Absolutely. We have played hundreds of shows across the country the last few years and it’s seldom that we run into a female fronted rock band. In fact, we don’t think we’ve ever met one. It’s important that women and men have the opportunity to witness a female onstage really getting into the grit and power of rock & roll.

Since you guys are known for your live shows, do you approach songwriting in a similar fashion?

We always try to stay conscious about writing songs that will create a certain ambiance and vibe in a live setting. Our song writing method is very natural and tends to come from experiences that we have in our own lives.
Now that Dodge the Arrow is about to  come out, have you started thinking ahead for a follow-up?

Being sensitive to how fast the world moves today we want to stay prolific in our writing- we’ve already got half a record’s worth of new material for the follow up and are already in discussions for a Winter 2014 EP release.

Dodge the Arrow will be released on September 24th.

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