Thanks to TheMusebox, Randomville, and Reybee Productions, Leading Us Absurd has had the opportunity to interview lots of cool and exciting artists.

Leading Us Absurd Exclusives:

Q&A With Alysha Zalkin


&A with DJ Wick-It the Instigator

Q&A with Dan and Brett from Ten Kens

Q&A with Jillette Johnson

Q&A with Brett Dunnells from Donegal X-Press

Q&A with Anna Rose

Q&A With NYC’s Fleming

Q&A with Marius Hagan from Team Me

Q&A with Jess McAvoy

Checking in with Doe Paoro

Q&A With Finnish-Pop Band The Dø

Q&A with DJ Phoecus from Neighborhood Children

New York’s Black Taxi on Energetic Live Shows and Forthcoming Album

Laura Warshauer (Part 2)

Q&A With Team Me

Q&A With Singer-Songwriter Anna Rose

Q&A With Singer-Songwriter Laura Warshauer

The Hundred Days Recall 80s Dance Rock

Hip-Hop Artist Notar on Working with Adam Durtiz, and Exploring Different Genres

Q&A with New York Songwriter Edward Rogers

Baltimore Rapper Jamal Turner

Hanging out with Matt & Kent From Fools & Horses

Randomville Interviews:

Hip-Hop Artist Black Milk on Collaborating with Third Man Records’ Jack White

Athens’ Newest Sensation: Reptar


Maryland Musician Shane Gamble (I wrote his biography.  Click on ‘biography when you get to his page.)














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