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Electric Parlor Album Cover

“Don’t you know I’m a whiskey mama,” Electric Parlour lead singer Monique Alvarez wails in the first few seconds of the band’s eponymous new album.  From the sound of the crunching guitars, boogie rhythms and 70’s rock vibe, it’s not hard to think that whiskey must have been flowing when Electric Parlour cut this album.

Electric Parlour’s music – fat riffs, bluesy vocals and tight rhythms – harken back to the late ’60’s and early ’70s. Even the band’s imagery – psychedelic fonts and shades of purple – recall the heydays of Height Ashbury. But Electric Parlour are louder than say, the Grateful Dead, but their approach recalls the wild abandon of Big Brother and the Holding Company. It’s easy to suggest that Alvarez recalls Joplin – and that’s certainly an influence – but it also does her a disservice. She can more than hold her own, and she’s in full force on such tracks as the riff-heavy “Frisco High Line”, the epic “Freedom Ride” and the slow-burn of “Bitter”.

Electric Parlor’s music can be taken a couple of different ways: are they merely re-treading old-school rock and roll?  Or, has this type of style become so passé among indie bands, that it now seems fresh and invigorating? That, of course remains to be seen, but it’s still nice to hear a band that isn’t bucking any tread and releasing some music with some grit, and maybe some shots of whiskey in the process.

Take a listen to “Frisco High Line” below:

For more info on Electric Parlor, check out their web-site.

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