New Music: “Murder 1” & “Happy Endings” – Wazu

Fans of industrial pop/rock should check out New York’s Wazu.  Originally from Australia, the male/female duo of Wazu present a dark and chilly vibe on their most recent release Robobo.  “Murder 1” is driven by thick, crunchy beats and distant cold vocals.  The verses are atmosphere leaving pretty of room for the mood to set in.  The choruses meanwhile, come down like a heavy hammer ready to crush anything in its path.  “Happy Endings” on the other hand, is the exact opposite.  It’s a fast-paced number with a bite.  On”Happy Endings” the band’s lyrical attack match the sound.  “Happy endings don’t have room for you,” they sing coldly in unison.

Check out “Happy Endings” here.

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