New Music: “Threads” – Lines in the Sky

The first thing that stands out about Lines in the Sky is Zack Wakefield’s bass. His playing is on the band’s song “Thread” is loud and melodic like The Clash’s Paul Simonon with the funky complexity of Flea.  It’s Wakefield’s bass that anchors the rest of the band – singer Jesse Brock and his younger brother, drummer “Bo” – as they dive into songs that attack with the energy of punk but retain some psychedelic flourishes.  They’ve been compared to The Police, but to me their sound is more reminiscent of faster My Morning Jacket songs like “Anytime”.

Hailing from Nashville, Lines in the Sky have been touring the country for the better part of the year. The band’s current EP Dig Deeper was engineered by Richard Dodd whose credits include albums by Tom Petty, The Traveling Wilburys and The Dixie Chicks.  “Threads” has also recently hit #40 on the  “Top 20 + 20 Modern Rock Radio Chart”.  Definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

Check out the video for “Threads” below:


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