New Music: “Younger Days” (EP) – Bronco Simmons


12828967_1136687693030327_7040733066526017224_oOn their debut  EP Younger Days, the Texas Alt-rock band Bronco Simmons recalls the heyday of 90’s Alt-Rock. The songs on Younger Days rock out, but never veer into faster paced territory. Instead, they move along at an unhurried pace that give the band plenty of room to showcase the dexterity of their playing whether it’s the anchoring bass of Dom Garcia (who really shines on the EP) or the interplay between guitarists Jorge Hinojosa and Brendan Freeman. As a lead singer Hinojosa lets the music move around him, rather than push himself upfront, making the band’s choruses seem effortless rather than forced.

Highlights include the slow-burn of “Away She Goes” and the rollicking “Heavy Chandeliers”.  For more info on Bronco Simmons, take a visit to their Facebook page.

Take a listen to “Heavy Chandeliers” below.

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