Song of the Day: “One of These Days” – Pink Floyd


I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Pink Floyd. There are things by them I absolutely love – Piper at the Gates of Dawn, most of Dark Side of the Moon and a few tracks off of Wish You Were Here for instance – but a lot of their catalogue, I find to be pretentious drivel that goes nowhere.

“One of These Days” falls into the category of songs I absolutely love, in part because of its menacing sound. Interestingly, it’s on Meddle, an album I put into the “pretentious” category, since it contains one song that clocks in at over 23 minutes.

It’s doubtful I would have ever heard the track, if I wasn’t a somewhat regular listener of Sirius XM’s Pearl Jam Radio. ¬†Every few songs, they play a song by an artist that has directly inspired the band. It’s well-known that Pearl Jam has a huge love for Pink Floyd, as they’ve covered several of their songs in concert with quite a bit of frequency.

The first time I caught “One of These Days”, I was completely caught off guard due to its menacing and unrelenting sound. With its double-tracked bass, the song sounds and feel like a nightmare and is all the better for it. If you’ve never heard the song, check it out below.


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