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Friday News Round Up: Patti Smith, Jay-Z, Coachella

Kind of short, I know.  Got a late start.  
  • Yeah, we all know that Beyonce gave birth.  In tribute, Jay-Z recorded a new track titled “Glory” which actually features her newborn daughter.  According to Billboard this makes Little Carter the youngest person to appear on the charts.  As her Uncle Kanye would say, “That shit cray.”
  • Poor Patti Smith.  First she offers to do a private show for residents of the Chelsea Hotel who are fighting with the famed hotel’s new owners.  The tenants brushed Smith off and accused her of siding with the owner.  Many just flat out planned to boycott the show.  And as of last night (when the show was supposed to take place) Smith cancelled the show writing in a statement “In respect for the wishes of the Chelsea Hotel Tenants Association, I have canceled tonight’s performance. My motivation was solely to serve the tenants. If this serves them better, then I am satisfied.”  All I got to say is this: It’s a private show by Patti Smith!  What more can you ask for?
  • I know everyone is super excited about Coachella.  I might be one of the few music bloggers who thinks this year’s line-up is a snooze-fest. Pulp and Arctic Monkeys on the first night?  The Sunday Night line-up is probably the best one with At the Drive-In, Florence & The Machine and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg.  Any bets on Dr. Dre having Detox out by then?  Ha.