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New Music: “Sky” – Sweet Cambodia


Florida’s Sweet Cambodia brings the warm vibe of The Sunshine State to their newest single, “Sky”.  The funky track is full of a collage of musical sounds: slap-bass, guitars that alternate between psychedelic pop and reggae and rock beats. The musical interplay between the band members is a thing of beauty: its the sound of a group who not only plays well together but also listens to each other.

“Sky” can be found on the band’s Tasty EP. Check out their Facebook page for additional info and shows and listen to “Sky” below.


New Music: “Like a Fallen Rose” – Boroko



Courtney Love recently said that saxophones don’t belong in rock and roll. I guess she shouldn’t listen to Boroko’s “Fallen Rose” which highlights a sexy saxophone over a reggae-like groove.  The sax is a perfect accompaniment to the sultry guitar lines and Boroko’s lust-filled voice where he begs his girl to “come down to the water” and pleads that he “only wanted to love her.”

Boroko is the stage name for Australian singer-songwriter Tim Fontaine who recently released his debut album, Almost Human.  “Fallen Rose”can be found on Almost Human, which is out now.

Check it out below.