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New Music: “Heroes” AMFM

AMFM copy

“The West Coast faded, New York’s jaded,” AMFM lead singer David Caruso croons in the middle of his band’s latest single, “Heroes”. The mid-tempo electronically tinged alt-rock number captures the feeling of getting older and realizing that the heroes you held when you were younger don’t always live up to your expectations. The music is a mix of shimmering guitars in the background that contrast with a more jagged rhythm upfront, suggesting the mixed feelings of lost innocence and disappointment in impending adulthood.

“Heroes” can be found on the group’s upcoming EP, due out later this year. ¬†For more info on AMFM, check out the group’s web-site.


New Music: “The Girls I Wish I Never Knew” – Heroin Girls


The lo-fi assault of Heroin Girls’ latest single, “The Girls I Wish I Never Knew” comes blasting out of the speakers. The distorted guitars are mixed so loudly that singer and mastermind Billy Bulger’s casual sneer can barely be heard above the cacophony. But that attitude makes the song all the more appealing, since it’s the attitude and provocativeness that drives the song. And “The Girls I Wish I Never Know” has plenty of that to go around.

“The Girls I Wish I Never Knew” can be found on the group’s forthcoming LP, Introducing the Heroin Girls. For more information, check out the group’s web-site.

New Music: “Cave Museum” – Goldfeather


Minnesota’s Goldfeather offer up the banjo-driven “Cave Museum” as the first single from their upcoming LP, Patchwork Quilt. The single captures the feeling of a late night campfire side jam. Over fast-paced banjo riff and Depression-era sounding violin, singer Sarah Goldfeather lets her sultry and dreamy voice glide like a watery stream. Clearly, the song is fully formed and arranged, but you get the idea that it could have been made up on the spot, reveling in its own performance and feeling.

Goldfeather is made up of members Sarah Goldfeather (vocals, violin), Dylan Mckinstry (vocals, mandolin, banjo), Katie Martucci (vocals, guitar), Nathan Koci (vocals, accordion, banjo) and Pat Swoboda (double bass).

Patchwork Quilt will be released in September 2016. In the meantime, check out the band’s web-site for more details, music videos and song clips.