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New Music: “Sky” – Sweet Cambodia


Florida’s Sweet Cambodia brings the warm vibe of The Sunshine State to their newest single, “Sky”.  The funky track is full of a collage of musical sounds: slap-bass, guitars that alternate between psychedelic pop and reggae and rock beats. The musical interplay between the band members is a thing of beauty: its the sound of a group who not only plays well together but also listens to each other.

“Sky” can be found on the band’s Tasty EP. Check out their Facebook page for additional info and shows and listen to “Sky” below.


New Music: “Your Eyes” – The Blondies


There’s a a bit of pop classicism in The Blondies’ latest single “Your Eyes”. “Pop” in this sense being more of The Beatle-esque variety than what’s currently on the popular radio.  The songwriting here is sharp and crisp, a perfect accompaniment for the sunny vibe of the song. Lead singer and songwriter Simon Lunche’s vocals are affectionate and sentimental without being disgustingly sweet.

“Your Eyes” precedes the group’s newest album, due out June 2016.  For more info on the band, check out their site and listen to “Your Eyes” below.


New Music: “Take a Seat” – Mason Noise


“Take a Seat” is the latest single from R&B artist Mason Noise.  The song is a sleek and sexy track, brought together by Mason’s smooth vocals.   “Take a Seat” is off of Mason’s forthcoming album also called Take a Seat.

Check out the video below:

For more info on Mason, check out his web-site here.

New Music: “See What You’re Doing to Me” – Ryan Hobler



Ryan Hobler’s “See What You’re Doing to Me” could very easily be the soundtrack for the deep freeze that’s been taking over the country for the past month.  Hobler’s haunting vocals sound like they were recorded in a desolate cabin that was encased in snow.  It might not make you feel warm, but it’ll make you feel like you’re not alone in the frigid weather.

Check out the video for “See What You’re Doing to Me” below:

For more info on Ryan Hobler, check out his web-site here.

New Music: “A Stolen Heart in a Stolen Car” (Video) – Metropolis America


Dance-rock/synth pop has become the trend for indie-rock. But remember when The Killers released Hot Fuss it sounded totally out of left-field?  Metropolis America has captured the feeling of The Killers circa 2004 with “A Stolen Heart in a Stolen Car”.  It’s got a killer groove and melody with plenty of heart on its sleeve.  The video perfectly captures the feeling of the song.



New Music: “Akira” (Video) – Empty Chairs


Brooklyn’s Empty Chairs have recently released the video for their debut single “Akira”.  The song is full of sparse drum tracks, dreamy keyboards and distant distorted vocals. It’s the perfect type of chill song to listen to as summer breezes its way into fall.

“Akira” will be included on the group’s full-length Caveat Emptor due out November 5th.

Check out “Akira” below:

New Music: “Golden Apples” (Video) – Tam Lin


If you miss art-y videos, you might want to check out the latest clip from New York’s Tam Lin. The evocative images set against a black back-drop perfectly match the song’s intricate and symbolic lyrics. With Biblical and literary imagery as well as a soft melody, “Golden Apples” reminds me a bit of early Cat Stevens.

“Golden Apples” is featured on Tam Lin’s latest album, Medicine for a Ghost due out in October.

New Music: “Monuments” EP & “Airplanes” Video – Balto



Folk rock is having a bit of a moment in popular music now. You could argue that the rise of folk inspired bands are riding the waves of the likes Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and Fleet Foxes. And perhaps that’s true, but we haven’t reached a point where there’s a folk-rock version of Stone Temple Pilots or Bush if Mumford is the genre’s Nirvana.

Portland’s Balto doesn’t reach for the arena posturing for Mumford & Sons, and there’s no  shout-out ala singalong chorus like “Ho Hey” on Monuments and it’s all the better for it. Balto take the Fleet Foxes approach and let the songs settle in and capture a mood.  The songs are built upon folk traditions and styles, but each song offers something slightly  different. “Doves” is built upon lush harmonies and gentle acoustic strumming. The title track is built upon echoing drums. It’s a slow-burn of a song that works effectively out of its use of space. “Cavalry” has a bit of a loose shuffle to it with a nice addition of the mandolin.  It’s these types of moments that make Monuments seem authentic and not just merely taking on a trend.

Check out the video for “Airplanes” below:

New Music: “Make It Rain” – Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds


Remember when gospel and funk were virtually interchangeable and Sly and the Family Stone was the sickest band on the planet?  Me neither, but Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Bird’s “Make it Rain” is almost as good as the real thing with loud horns, tight rhythm section and bouncy beat. “Make it Rain” is the type of song you’ll want to keep you warm during these cold winter nights, but won’t be tired of come summer time.

New Music: “Song For Motion” – Lowlakes


If you’re into My Morning Jacket’s quieter moments, then you might want to check out “Song For Motion” from Australia’s Lowlakes.  Over a gentle piano and sparse guitar, frontman Tom Snowdon recalls MMJ frontman Jim James croon and range.  “Song for Motion” doesn’t really live up to its title; it takes a while to get caught up in its hypnotic and airy atmosphere.  If you want a new song to listen to late at night, this is it.