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Strange Lot Share Psychedelic New Single, “Have It Your Way”


Psychedelic outfit Strange Lot recently released the first track,”Have It Your Way” from their forthcoming album Gods and Clods due out this Friday (March 3rd.)  The laid-back track begins with a soft bass intro, before sliding into a relaxed and hazy groove. With hints of Tame Impala and My Morning Jacket’s softer explorations, “Have It Your Way” sounds right at home as Winter transitions into the upcoming Spring.

For more info on Strange Lot check them out on Twitter and Facebook.


Song of the Day: “Champagne Supernova” – Oasis


Noel Gallagher has described “Champagne Supernova” as the most psychedelic track that Oasis ever recorded. At an epic 7 minutes in length, watery beginning and drug-induced lyrics, that’s most certainly true.

At times, “Champagne Supernova” has been accused of having dumb lyrics, particularly  “faster than a cannonball”.  In the hands of Liam Gallagher, it hardly matters. He manages to elevate the mundane words and make them sound transcendent. This is especially true when the chorus is introduced in a quieter setting in the beginning. When he delivers the song’s most famous line – “where were you when we were getting high” – there’s a hint of nostalgia. In lesser hands, the lyric could come off as accusing, but Liam is smart enough come off as sympathetic and longing. As the song drifts into closing and Liam repeats, “we were getting high” over and over again, getting stoned has never sounded quiet so romantic.

If “Champagne Supernova” does have a flaw though, it’s the mixing. Oasis were well-known for adding layers of guitar tracks to their record, but during “Supernova’s” guitar solo, it’s almost too loud making it virtually impossible to hear the individual players. But all’s forgiven when the song reaches it glorious ending.