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New Music Thursday: Socalled, Daisy McCrackin, Casey Shea & Jess McAvoy

Some of these releases aren’t technically “new”, but since they are up and coming and (mostly) new to the music scene this is my place for their exposure.

Socalled – Sleepover

DJ, producer, pianist and rapper (among many other things) Socalled’s Sleepover is a true 21st century album with a 20th century heart.  Over electronic beats and noises, Sleepover seamlessly combines Stax-style horns, jazzy detours, and folk vocals (much of it courtesy of Canadian singer-songwriter Katie Moore).  iTunes classifies Sleepover as rap (and there is some on the album), but to classify the album in any one particular genre would do it injustice.

Daisy McCrakin – God Willing

Upon first listen, Daisy McCrakin’s vocal-stylings reminded me of Cat Power. While she certainly doesn’t reach those lofty heights, McCrakin’s God Willing is sophisticated as it is engaging.  God Willing a definite mood album, the kind you put on late at night when you just want to chill and have a cocktail.

Casey Shea-  In Your Head

Casey Shea’s In Your Head recalls much of the glory days of garage-rock.  Simple, melodics that rock, but get stuck in your head.  And like those early 60s band, Shea’s enthusiasm bursts from the speakers.  In Your Head is a tight and compact record from a singer-songwriter who could be a worth addition to Little Steven’s Underground Garage on XM.

Jess McAvoy with Liz Stringer – Easy

Jess McAvoy has been making albums since 1999 and gaining attention in her native Melbourne for years, but if the Somewhere EP is any indication, McAvoy could break through here in the United States (she played her first state-side show in New York in December).  McAvoy’s sparse acoustic arrangements and cooing vocals bring new dimensions and voice to familiar genre.