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Florida’s Sweet Cambodia On Starting Out and Their Funk-Inspired Sound


A few days ago, I featured “Sky” from the Florida outfit, Sweet Cambodia.  The funk-inspired track is the perfect soundtrack to the beginning of summer. I recently caught up with the band and got to talk about “Sky” and some other things.  Check it out below.

How did you guys first get together and decide you wanted to make music together?

Well each member came to Orlando in search of musical opportunity. Eric and Savvy met unconsciously at a open jazz night in the city. Eventually running into each other in the halls of Valencia College. Once they heard each other play, they found their musical soulmates. They decided right then,and there that they were going to put a band together.  Eventually after a few drummers Donnie ended up at their audition. The same musical soul mate feeling filled the air as they Jammed together.  Not even 5 minutes after he found out he was in the band he brought up a lead singer he knew who would be perfect. Cut to several months, and an audition later, Yante was apart of the band filling the last piece of the puzzle. There was a deeper calling when we all met each other that we would call cosmic.

You seem to have a natural chemistry together that sounds like you’ve been playing together for a while.  It’s quite apparent on “Sky”, especially between the drums and the bass.  What are you thinking as you play?
We each think about our own little world, but we also think of how we are interacting with each other. It’s more about how do I make my friend sound better. If everyone thinks as a “we” and not an “I” the sound will only strengthen.

Sweet Cambodia has earned a bit of a reputation as a live act. What do you think you bring to the stage that makes it so intense and energetic?
Each of us approach the stage as our great release. We leave all the emotions we experience on that stage. It’s how we survive. Life is hard and it’s how we unwind. Also we believe we aren’t just musicians. We are entertainers. You came to have a good time so let’s party, and have a great time !

There’s quite a range of sounds here.  Who do you see an influences on Sweet Cambodia?
Each of us stem from very different places of music. Bringing together the sounds of Sublime, Chon, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Led Zeppelin. There’s countless others, but those would be the main influences.

Check out “Sky” below.

New Music: “Sky” – Sweet Cambodia


Florida’s Sweet Cambodia brings the warm vibe of The Sunshine State to their newest single, “Sky”.  The funky track is full of a collage of musical sounds: slap-bass, guitars that alternate between psychedelic pop and reggae and rock beats. The musical interplay between the band members is a thing of beauty: its the sound of a group who not only plays well together but also listens to each other.

“Sky” can be found on the band’s Tasty EP. Check out their Facebook page for additional info and shows and listen to “Sky” below.