It’s been a long time since I’ve updated Leading Us Absurd. I wish I could say I had a really good reason for the long absence from blogging, but it really it all comes down to a sort of uncertainty about the direction of the blog.

When I started Leading Us Absurd (way back in 2009), it was originally an outlet for me to write about whatever interested me. In the beginning, that it was (mostly) about the music that I liked. Somewhere along the line, I started receiving emails from PR companies to write about and review new artists. Naturally, I was excited and jumped at the chance.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege and honor to interview, promote and write about a lot of very cool artists in many different genres. But still, I felt slightly unsatisfied because I wasn’t writing about the artists that I loved and inspired me. It wasn’t “my own writing”.  So I tried to counter-balance the reviews with other pieces such as “the song of the day” which I viewed as my own. In retrospect, both approaches suffered I think.

Those feeling left me with a bit of an identity crisis for LUA. As I thought about it, the idea that longer pieces were “my writing” versus the idea that the reviews somehow weren’t is a bit silly and counter-productive: I own the blog. I don’t have any sponsors or anybody to answer to in terms of what I can and can’t put out. In other words, it’s all my own.

I love music and I like writing about it. Not many people get to write about new music and have numerous people ask them to do it on a regular basis. So that’s actually pretty cool. I kind of forgot that for a little bit, and want to get back to that feeling that excited me about music writing in the first place.

In the hope of making Leading Us Absurd better, I plan on only really writing about artists that truly interest me and feel like my readers might like. I like a lot of different genres, so don’t necessarily expect it to be just “indie rock” for instance. I’m hoping that by doing that, it will come across in my writing.

I haven’t completely abandoned the idea of writing about my favorite artists or popular music in general, but it those pieces be published more sparingly and most likely in a longer essay-like form. I’m not going throw up a post about The Stooges anymore for instance, just because I like them.

It’s not really a new direction for LUA, but rather a clarification and hopefully, a better blog.

As always, thanks for reading.


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